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With a variety of unit sizes available for rent, you'll find all the extra storage space you need at Right Way Rentals & Storage. Our units have 24-hour external accessibility, so your belongings are safe and secure with us. Read on to learn about the rental unit sizes we have available or contact us today to rent a unit!

Storage rental units available in a variety of sizes

You don't need a deposit for our rental units!

If you have larger equipment, boats, cars, RVs, semi-trucks, or tractor trailers, we have surface lot space available for you.


Call today to learn more about the space we have available.

Surface lot space available for large items

5' X 10'  

Comparable to the size of a walk-in closet. Fits chairs, couch, dresser, and small items such as boxes.


10' X 10'

Comparable to the size of a small bedroom (half of a standard 1-car garage). Accommodates small appliances or the equivalent of 1 apartment.


10' X 15'

Comparable to the size of a large bedroom (smaller than a standard 1-car garage). Accommodates standard furnishings for a small house.


10' X 20'

Comparable to the size of a 1-car garage. Accommodates a 2-bedroom home, auto, or boat storage.


10' x 30'  

Comparable to 1.5 times the size of a standard 1-car garage. Accommodates a 3-bedroom home, a boat, RV, or 2 cars. Available for commercial or residential use.

Choose the rental unit size that suits your needs

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